Sorsogon – to look into Luzon’s southernmost paradis

We arrived in Matnog a little past 8am. The plan is to visit Subic beach after our Biri Island side trip. Unfortunately it’ll cost us Php1,000 (the cheapest we found for 2 pax) for just a 4-hour viewing (it’s good for a day but we didn’t have time). We don’t really plan to stay long in Subic beach because we needed to check-in at Lola Sayong. We refused and headed to Irosin to plunge in the famous hot spring. We met with friends in Monbon and asked a tricycle driver to take us to San Juan Hotspring. We didn’t expect the hot spring to be crowded AF. We didn’t really enjoy our stay here so we just spent an hour trying to relax while doing our hot bath.


Lola Sayong. Period.

We rented a hut for 3 days. Php800/night good for 4 pax. GREAT PEOPLE that SERVES DELICIOUS FOOD in a CHILL ENVIRONMENT. This place definitely has exceeded my expectations. You may contact ‘Tay Noli here – 0905 242 1693. We hope you also get to experience what we experienced here.

Kuya Emil makes the scrumptious fruit shakes and cocktails. Please try his special Mojito. It is the best Mojito I’ve ever tasted. Also, his fruit shakes like Lemon and Cucumber are thy best. Do not underestimate Kuya Nico helping out in the kitchen. We craved for his savory and sapid seafood dishes everyday.


Day 2

We arrived in Lola Sayong around 2pm and decided to rest. We are all tired from the hours of travel we had earlier. Our hut was the cutest. It is located in front of the beach,  beside the restaurant and very near the comfort rooms. We went to the beach and just goofed around while taking pictures and resting.

Day 3

My initial plan is to go to Paguriran Island because I think there’s more to do there compared to Bulusan Lake; but end of day my friends opt to take the Bulusan trip. We coordinated with ‘Tay Noli to get us a tricycle to visit Barcelona, Bulusan and Casiguran. It took us an hour to reach the famous St. Joseph’s Parish in Barcelona then another 30 minutes to reach the Bulusan Lake in Bulusan. We went kayaking for Php600 (large boat can fit 4 pax) and got to learn the history of Lake Bulusan from the boatman. We headed to this spring on our way back to Gubat. This trip started at 1:00 pm and ended 6:00 pm.

Day 4

We can’t think of anything else to do but to surf!

Surfing here will cost you Php350 for an hour. It comes with an instructor tho. The waves here are seriously better compared to La Union – maybe depends on the season. The 1st ride was in the morning around 8am. We finished 9:30 am and had a quick bite and rest. We again rode the waves from 10:30am to 11:30am when the waves are bigger and stronger. Lunch this day was the best because we got to have Bicol Express which happens to be my favorite food of all time!


I don’t post a lot of photos here. Forgive me.

We washed ourselves after surfing, packed our bags and said goodbye to the locals who accommodated us with love and warmth. We booked an Isarog bus from Gubat to Manila. The bus station is only 10 minutes from Lola Sayong.



Day 0 to 1 in Biri Island is included.

Note to self: Budget your meal when travelling. I would often do this but I was in Bicol and I love to eat spicy foods. I had the same experience in Malaysia when I got ecstatic because of the different spicy viands they offer in Jalan Alor. I spent too much here in Sorsogon too – But it was for food so what the heck!

35/82 provinces check! Let’s go!


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