Ayutthaya, Thailand – To break free from the norm

It was so amazing when this trip happened. My friends and I were just talking about how we would like to take our adventures in a whole new different level. We’ve been on mountains and beaches then we thought we’ve never been outside our beloved country. One of my friends, Ruthan, grew up in Thailand. She mentioned that she’ll go there latter part of this year with her Mom (currently working there). We all agreed that we’ll definitely join her.

After 4 months of preparation (yes, physically and financially) we booked our flights. This is the first time that I would fly alone to a new place. This trip is just memorable. My flight was at 6am via Cebu Pacific. Arrived at Suvarnabhumi International Airport few minutes after 10am and my friends were there to pick me up.

Pocket money is Php18,000 (including travel tax) so imagine how scared I was to budget this for 5 days. Take note that ฿1 is Php1.32 — which is almost the same.


Start the trip at the Grand Palace! There was a heavy traffic when I arrived. I was so hungry luckily my friends gave me a sandwich and a drink get thru (thank you, Ruth & Jera!). It took us 1 hr 30 minutes to get to the Grand Palace.


  • ฿400 shared for taxi ride for day 1 tour, not metered. If metered taxi flag down is ฿35.
  • ฿40 for a ride of tuktuk but preferably in short distances. You can haggle.
  • ฿100 KFC lunch meal
  • ฿500 Grand Palace entrance fee (I was lucky I look Thai)
  • ฿50 Wat Arun entrance fee
  • ฿100 Wat Pho entrance fee (Again, I was lucky I look Thai)
  • ฿100 dinner meal
  • ฿60 bottled water

Total is ฿1,350 – that’s Php1,776.69. PS: Don’t wear shorts or bring your own sarong. Some temples wouldn’t allow tourists wearing shorts. My accommodation was basically free because my friend’s Mom has an apartment inside a university.

Day 2

This day is dedicated to the old city of Ayutthaya. Temples we visited are Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Wat Mahathat and the Elephant conservation. We headed to the Floating Market as well to buy souvenirs. It is really cheap here and you can also ask for discounts.

I was not able to keep track of my expenses during this day. But I remember sharing ฿400 again for the taxi and spending around ฿150-200 for meals. We went back to the apartment right after this trip because all we did was walk.

Day 3

Thailand is just like The Philippines. For the whole week that I stayed here I bought a lot of clothes. Quality of these clothes are H&M-F21 quality. I bought a LOT and I sold it to my friends and colleagues (double the price!). It was that good!

Here are some spots where you can find a lot of goods for a cheap price:

  • Siam Paragon – for expensive items
  • MBK Center
  • JJ Mall
  • Tokyu Department
  • Platinum Fashion Mall
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Bangketa of course! A lot of cheap good finds!

You can just take the train or bus to reach these locations. Make sure to ask for a cheaper price if you’re gonna shop at street stalls or better yet bring a calculator for easy haggling.


  • ฿3500 for clothes that I bought from stores like H&M, Uniqlo etc.
  • ฿160 – 200 bus fares to shopping centres
  • ฿90 skytrain tickets to Chatuchak
  • ฿100 for snacks
  • ฿150 lunch meal
  • ฿150 van to Ayutthaya

Total is ฿3,850 – so that’s Php5075.39. I bought a LOT of clothes so this is worth my money. I was so thankful that I paid for an extra 20kg check-in baggage to Manila. Hehe!

Day 4

This day is solely for Chatuchak Market (which happens only weekends) and saw a lot of great finds with cheap prices. Make sure that you’re an expert in haggling already if you’re going to stop by this market. A local vendor that we had a conversation with was very happy that he gave me a keychain for free. It is shaped as a male organ, so.

I remember buying a lot of souvenir displays and clothes. I bought a blue and red walking shorts for ฿650 (F21 quality), a DIY lamp shade with Buddha design ฿120, 3 pcs of tank tops with really cool beer logos for ฿600, a brown dope bag (expensive!) for ฿400 and a lot more. Again, I did not keep track of my expenses. My flight back to Manila is 10am so I left the apartment at 7am via the taxi that we rented during the tours. You can refund the taxes that you paid from shopping in mall stores in the airport. Just make sure you have the receipts. I had around ฿200+ when I arrived in Manila.



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