Bantayan Island, Cebu – to the Northern tip of Cebu

Another beautiful paradise on the upper tip of Cebu. This place has white sand beaches everywhere and rich marine life. I’ve been researching where to go on weekends since I’ll be living here in Cebu for a while. Bantayan Island was all over my news feed so I guess it’s a sign.

We found a very nice lodging for Php800. Corner House offers an AC room with H&C shower, cable TV and double bed. What we like about this place is it’s a minute walk to the beach and a 5 minute walk to MJ square (food place). Island hopping for Php800 for 2 isn’t worth it; includes Virgin Island, Nature Park and Halintagaan Island. We paid Php250 entrance fee in Virgin Island (woah). Ogtong Cave will cost you Php100 entrance fee. We didn’t enter anymore since it’ll cost us extra. I recommend that you ask the tricycle driver to take you to Paradise beach where you can cliff dive and marvel at the jet black jelly fish. I heard you can also pitch your tent there for free. Overall, it was a chill beach weekend trip.

TRAVEL TIP:  If you have a tent, bring it. Buy all the necessary stuff you need (food & alcohol) before it gets dark. Luckily, we found MJ Square. They have a Blue Bar in town where live bands play and foreign tourists drink.


From Cebu – Go to North Bus Terminal, ride a bus going to Hagnaya. Travel time is 3 hrs. From Hagnaya, ride a RORO to Sta. Fe, Bantayan. Travel time is 2 hrs. From Sta. Fe port, you can ride a tricycle to town proper for Php20. You can rent a bike/ motorcycle to roam around the island. To go back to Cebu, ride a RORO to Sta. Fe then ride a bus bound to Cebu.


Chef Panyang’s

We thought that an order of Calamares and Chopsuey wouldn’t be enough for the two of us so we ordered a plate of King Fish. We waited for 12-15 mins and tada the orders arrived! The serving was so big. We did not finish everything so we had to take out. We ate the rest for breakfast. We asked the lodging staff to heat the food for Php30. Our bill was Php420 for 2 pax. Def worth it.

Cupcake Island Cakery

We wanted cupcakes that night, so yeah. Php65 for a nice cupcake.

Corner Inn Cafe

Please try the Strawberry Banana shake here. It is worth every shit for Php130.


  • Php320 – RT bus fare from Cebu city to Hagnaya port
  • Php340 – RT Roro fare from Hagnaya port to Sta. Fe port
  • Php20 – Terminal fee for 2 way
  • Php400 – Share for AC room (Php800/night)
  • Php400 – Share boat fare for island tour (Php800)
  • Php250 – Virgin Island entrance fee
  • Php550 – Food and drinks
  • Php20 – Shower (we checked out already so we needed to pay extra)
  • Php110 – Tricycle fare (Php50 – Hagnaya port to lodge; Php60 day 2 trip)
  • Php100 – Cab ride from North bus terminal to home

Total is Php3030. Amazing and kind of cheap for a weekend trip.


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