Bohol, Philippines – To taste the Chocolate hills

Spent our Day 3 in Bohol just for us to check the Chocolate Hills (of course), Tarsiers at the Tarsier Sanctuary (of course) and the Blood Compact monument (of course!). The Blood Compact or Sanduguan is an ancient event where the Filipinos & Spanish cut their wrists and pour their blood into a cup filled with liquid, such as wine, and drink the mixture.

There were 2 hotels that I’ve stayed here. Ocean Suites is built right beside the Blood Compact monument. We stayed here overnight. My best friend and I stayed in Dormitels Ph in Alona beach for Php900/night via Agoda.


From Manila – there are available direct flights from Manila to Tagbilaran.

From Cebu – Head over to Cebu Pier 1. Choose a ferry bound to Tagbilaran. Travel time is 2 hrs. We paid Php400 one-way. We paid Php100 for a habal-habal from port to Alona beach. You can rent a motorcycle for Php500 for a whole day to tour the island.


Early morning we went immediately to the Chocolate Hills. Unfortunately, it rained so hard and we got lost for a bit. We passed by the Man-Made Forest and took a photo there. After seeing the hills, we went to the Tarsier centre but we weren’t able to see the animal in action. These animals are nocturnal. We had lunch at the Loboc Floating Restaurant which would circle around Loboc river. There is this stop at a local tribe playing their tribal musical instruments. I played the tambol and we tried archery (I suck in archery). After which we just chilled at the beach and had dinner facing the beach. Next day, we went to Dumuluan beach – just 15 mins from Alona beach. Ride a tricycle for only Php60.


  • Php900 – Room share for for 2 nights (2 pax)
  • Php800 – RT ferry fare from Cebu city to Tagbilaran
  • Php250 – Share for motorcycle rental (Php500 for 24 hrs)
  • Php60 – RT tricycle fare from Alona beach to Dumuluan beach
  • Php25 – Dumuluan beach entrance fee
  • Php500 – Loboc buffet lunch fee
  • Php500 – Food and drinks
  • Php300 – for entrance fees

Total is Php3335. Not bad for a 2 night stay in Bohol.


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  1. That infinity pool is dope. 🙂


    1. jessetothemax says:

      Yes, sir! I plan to go back sa Cebu to see some of the falls you featured. Hehe!


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