Mt. Sembrano, Rizal – To dayhike with just Php500 in my pocket

I was able to finish Mt. Sembrano after a 3-year hiatus from climbing. Call time was 5:30am at QPlaza Commercial Center in Cainta (besides Sta. Lucia Mall). Sir Jay-R was kind enough to give us a ride as long as we chip in for gas. I met my good friend, Kim, in Mcdonalds QPlaza. She introduced Jerbie and Mac who will also join us in the climb. I had no idea that these 2 are Stellar employees as well. Lol. We left QPlaza around 6;00am and met the rest of the team around 7:00am at Pililla Jolibee then had a less than an hour drive to the jump off.

We started almost 9:30am. The foursome did a bit of stretching haha! The first phase was the hike up the stones all the way to Manggahan area. Took me 1/2 hours and I was exhausted already. We had fresh buko for Php20 (which is expensive but you don’t have a choice unless you have packed H20). I had 2 bottles of water but totally forgot about them.

Second phase was the climb up the treacherous path. We scaled the precipice for about an hour. My legs began to feel weak but I did feel the hamstring muscles are building up. I must say I did crawl for 20 minutes. We reached the 1/3 camp and the view was already amazing. We stopped and rested for 20 minutes and we continued our way to camp 2. It rained earlier that day so the path was slippery. It was a bit scary seeing people go down the trail and the narrow trail is right next to precipice. Safety first!

Sir Jay-R brought his dog, Caio, with us. It was his first climb! He is just so excited to climb up and even went ahead of the team. Haha! The trail is easier from camp 2 to 3. The land is flat but the grass is like 6ft high. Another 20-30 minutes climb to camp 2.3 The space differs from camp 1 to 3.  Camp 3 has the most scenic view. I decided to take a photo with the Punks Pet, Caio. We rested for several minutes but the men I was with were very strong and fast so I just have to keep up (or prolly I’m just as fast as them).

Another 30 minutes up to the 3rd camp site. We got at the peak around 1:10pm. We set up a little corner for ourselves and of course the first batch had an opportunity to take photos first. No other groups were there yet so we took advantage of the scene. We waited for the others before we have our lunch and socialize. Trail food were given out and everyone is just resting right after lunch. We descended 2:30pm since we saw the dark clouds were coming our way.

Going up for me was easier than getting down. My legs were ‘jelly-fied’ from the knee up. I twisted my ankle a couple of times but not that severe. The trail was dry as well comparing to the trail we took earlier that day. The crew said that the weather was perfect – not too sunny and wet. I arrived at the Manggahan area and went straight to the Manggahan falls – this is 5 minutes down the Manggahan site. You can wash up here. I ate my snacks here alone and rested for 10 minutes then went back to the Manggahan site to catch up with everyone.


I heard from the others that they met at STARMALL EDSA then van to Tanay Market. Take a jeep from Tanay Market to Brgy. Pililla. Go down at the Brgy. Hall. Jump off is near there.


  • Php150 gas share
  • Php27 Vitamilk
  • Php28 Bottled Water
  • Php24 Corned Tuna
  • Php93 Jolibee packed lunch
  • Php20 Registration fee at the Brgy. Hall
  • Php20 Fresh Buko Juice
  • Php10 Manggahan campsite Fee
  • Php130 share Dinner meal

Total is Php502. Yeah, I did have some extra coins with me. I had fun with Punks! I get to see them again after 3 years of not participating. The crew is just kengkoy and they kept me laughing while climbing. I’m looking forward to another great hike with these people. We had dinner at Kainan Sa Tabing Lawa just along hi-way of Tanay, Rizal. Food coma!


9:00am – Start Trek
10:30am – 1st stop, Manggahan falls, Pay Registration P10 (Private Property)
11:30am – Camp 1, open area
12:30am – Camp 2, open area
1:10pm – Summit!
2:10pm – Descent – Manggahan falls,
4:00pm – Brgy. Hall meet up – Wash Up – Head home 
*depends on pace


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