Jomalig Island, Quezon – to the Golden paradise of Luzon

“AMAZING.” – The only word that could explain how my Jomalig trip was. Here you can enjoy your own private beach. It was perfect timing when we went there because it was the town’s feast! We got free food on our 2nd and 3rd day! Yey! So better note that April 24 is a perfect date to go there. We slept in a tent for 2 nights and had fun basking under the sun and seeing the stars at night.

We saw potential surfing spots around the island when we went to Pulong Maliit. Another place where you can go is the Kanaway Beach in Pulong Malaki. The main beach is Salibungot beach where the port is. Electricity here runs from 5pm to 1am so better bring your powerbanks. The signal is better and faster compared to Manila (Globe & Smart).P29Jn1469970366Near Legarda LRT2 station, take Raymund Bus bound to Infanta (Real). The bus conductor said that the next bus will be at 4:30 am (we arrived 2am). We walked outside and found a group going to the same island waiting for a van they contacted and we asked if we can ride along. Luckily, they said yes! We paid Php220 for the 4-hour ride to Real port. We left Manila around 4:00 am. I recommend the van instead of the bus because it is faster plus the van can take you directly to the port.

We arrived at the port around 8:30 am and rode a passenger boat going to Jomalig. Do not expect a luxury boat. There were 40 of us on the barge to Jomalig and it wasn’t that spacious. My friends and I were lucky that we went aboard last so we got the front area all by ourselves. We paid Php350 for the 6-hour boat ride to Jomalig. TIP: Bring any form of entertainment! Cards, gamepads, the latest issues etc.

There are only 2 boats going to Jomalig, one at 6:00 am and the other one at 9:00 am. So you better be there before those times. From Jomalig to Real, the first boat is 10:00 am and the next is at 12:00 nn.tLre51469970215

  • Php220 Van from Legarda to Real port (x2 RT)
  • Php350 Passenger boat from Real to Jomalig (x2 RT)
  • Php10 fare for the raft to Passenger boat (x2 RT)
  • Php200 per person for usage of house amenities (bathroom, electricity, cook service – the locals wouldn’t give specific prices, they would say “kayo na po bahala”)
  • Php600/person habal habal island tour OR
  • Php320/person 8 pax island tour via Boat
  • Php400 1 kilo chicken and i kilo rice
  • 220 Environmental fee

TOTAL of 2,300. We were lucky we met an awesome group that shared the boat expenses with us. We did not go for the Php600 habal habal island tour.

0907 597 9773 – Ate Lolay, the most helpful host we’ve ever met! Her husband owns a boat which can tour 8 pax for 2,500. She also cooks and would let you stay in her house for an affordable  price.

0918 609 9822 – Chito, Passenger boat contact.


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  1. wanderboy says:

    Sa Jomalig lang pala


    1. jessetothemax says:

      Uyyy ngayon ko lang nabasa. Sa Jomalig lang pala

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  2. Jaypee David says:

    Really helpful! Thanks for sharing bro!

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    1. jessetothemax says:

      No worries! Anytime! 🙂


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