Apo Island, Negros Oriental – To swim with the sea turtles

My former colleague and I had nothing to do so we went to Dumaguete city and swam with the turtles in Apo Island. Since we decided to push thru with our adventure at around 11am on a Saturday, we had to make it a day trip so we won’t miss our work come Monday. We left Cebu city at 11pm and arrived in Dumaguete at around 5:30am. Travel tip: If you’re riding the night bus make sure to get a bit tipsy before your trip so you’ll have a deep sleep and won’t even notice the 5 hour trip lol).

I highly recommend Harold’s Mansion because they do group tours and accommodate joiners. They also have cheap room rates. Make sure to call them to pre-book your trip. The Apo Island day trip will be from 6:45 am to 4pm. There will be 3 sites to visit during the trip. Don’t forget to ask your tour guide to take awesome photos for your IG or FB. Haha. Do not miss out going to Casororo falls and Manjuyod Island when you visit Dumaguete. Also, try the famous San Rival along Dumaguete city bay & Hayahay Treehouse Bar along Flores Ave. Below is my sample itinerary and budget breakdown.



From Cebu City: Go to South bus terminal, find a Ceres bus bound for Dumaguete (Gate 6). Fare is Php310 (Php240 – bus; Php70 – RORO fare). First trip is at 6am & the last trip is 6pm. If you’re trying to catch the last trip be there an hour ahead of time because you have to ride the 11pm bus if you’ll be left behind.

Going back to Cebu city isn’t going to be difficult. I recommend to take the Sibulan port fastcraft to Lilo-an. Ride a tricycle from the city to Sibulan port (we paid Php150 for this) then ride the fastcraft to Lilo-an for only Php65. Also, to save time and effort, ask the porter to save you a seat in the next bus to Cebu city.tLre51469970215

Php310 – One way bus fare from Cebu city to Dumaguete city

Php10 – Tricycle fare from Ceres bus terminal to Harold’s Mansion

Php1,200 – Free diving/ Snorkling activity package c/o Harold’s Mansion (includes light meals, water, transpo from Dumaguete to Apo, gears, guide and photographer lel)

Php75 – Tricycle from Dumaguete city to Sibulan port

Php65 – Fastcraft from Sibulan port to Lilo-an port

Php200 – Bus from Lilo-an port to Cebu city

Php430 – My meal expenses ; I had packed meals too.

TOTAL Php2,290E8XQc1469970159

From Cebu city, you can either take the 6pm bus or 11pm bus to Dumaguete city.

Upon your arrival you can hang out on the rood deck of Harold’s Mansion or roam around the city parks.

6:45 AM – Register (go to Mares, right besides Harold’s Mansion)

7:00 AM – Jeep ride from city to Dauin

7:30 AM – Boat ride to Apo Islan.

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM – Enjoy! There will be 3 sites to visit. We skipped the 2nd site because we met some awesome travelers & we opted to drink and party on the boat’s upper deck.


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