Bali, Indonesia – To lose and find oneself in the Island of Love

According to a good friend of mine, Janelle, that Bali is a safe place for lone travelers. Hopefully this blog post will help you out plan your trip to Bali!

Accommodation: A lot of affordable hotels here ranging from Php1,000 above. I chose to stay overnight in Champlung Mas Hotel because it is in along Legian, there’s an outdoor pool and it is 4 minutes away from the beach. Per night would costs Php1,200 via Agoda. For my succeeding days, I was sheltered by my best friend in Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel for free.

Tour/ Transpo: Bali Asia Tours – I highly recommend Wayan as he knows a lot about the places we had visited. Plus he will bring you to the safest money changers and stores. For short distances, you may rent a motorcycle for Rp 500,000 a day. Rp 10,000 for gasoline.

Pocket Money: Php18,000 (minus the Travel tax of Php1,620, cab fare of Php300 and another Php550 for date of purchase tax). Remaining cash is Php15,500. Make sure to convert all of these to USD.

ETA 7:00 AM

I rode a cab from Ngura Rai International airport to Champlung Mas for 20 minutes. I was told by the receptionist that they are still preparing my room so they asked me to go back at 2pm. Ffrom 8am to 11am I walked around Kuta beach and checked some shops around the Art Market. Quiksilver, Ripcurl, Volcom and so much more are on sale. 50%-80% off on some clothes. So another tip is DO NOT BRING too much clothes. You’ll be obliged to buy one here for you to wear immediately. I had a heavy meal at a food joint in Kuta beach for Rp45,000.E8XQc1469970159

12:00 nn – Got back before 2pm because I needed to check my Facebook. The hotel staff informed me that my room was ready.

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM – One of the activities Bali is famous for is Surfing. They will offer you $40 for a 2-hr ride but please haggle. I got mine for a cheaper price. I met Ogie. First local I had a long conversation with. Waves here in Bali is bigger than in the PH. I tried surfing at some spots in Ph but here is the biggest I’ve experienced.

5:30 PM to 7:00 PM – Make sure to stay at the beach and watch the sunset. Some food stores will offer a free bean bag if you buy a bottle of Bintang. One of the perks of travelling alone is meeting new people, right? I met Andy, a local, who offered to take me to a cheap eatery nearby to taste the Goat Satay. Rented a motorcycle to roam around the area. Bottle of Bintangs all the way til 10:00 PM. So basically, enjoy the Kuta beach while you can. You’ll know why. Haha!tLre51469970215

  • Rp250,000 20 min taxi ride from airport to hotel
  • Rp100,000 On sale Hurley singlet
  • Rp45,000 Chicken capcay meal by the beach
  • Rp38,000 10 sticks of goat satay with rice & local iced tea
  • Rp15,000 bottle of Bintang w/ bean bag (+ an awesome view)
  • Rp50,000 motorcycle rental for 1 day
  • Rp10,000 gasoline
  • $25 for 2-hour surf (which is Rp300,000)

TOTAL of Rp 808,000 = Php 3,228.92


Woke up 6:00 am. Checked out 8:00 am. Met our tour guide, Wayan. Drove to Kuta Beach Heritage hotel to meet my best friend and her partner. Last pick-up at The Stones hotel for Chian and An. This day we rode an elephant at the Bali Zoo, did a purification bath at Tirta Empul, went to Kintamani to see the Batur Volcano & Lake, and lastly went to Luwak Coffee Plantation to try the Civet’s poop.

Arrived at Kuta around 8:30 PM. We were already exhausted so we decided to just sleep.tLre51469970215

  • Rp900,000 30 min Elephant ride at Bali Zoo
  • Rp10,000 donation for sarong at Tirta Empul
  • Rp100,000 buffet lunch overlooking Batur volcano
  • Rp33,000 2 pc. chicken meal breakfast KFC
  • Rp20,000 fruit shake
  • Rp5,000 bottle of water
  • Rp110,000 car service (5 pax)

TOTAL of Rp 1178,000 = Php 4,707.51 – TIP: Skip Elephant ride if you already rode an Elephant somewhere else. It’s expensive here.

Day 3 is for southern Bali. I never expected for this day to be exhausting compared to yesterday. We went to 2 beaches – Pantai Pandawa Beach (make sure to try the Snickers ice cream & take a jump shot) & Padang Padang Beach (stay at least 2 hours in Padang Padang to rest, it’ll be worth it), then we watched the sunset at Uluwatu Water Temple. Be careful of monkeys here.

Started with a 30-minute camel ride at Hotel Nikko. Tomkun is the youngest camel here (just 8 years old!) and during the whole ride he was just smiling. Aw!

  • Rp850,000 30 min camel ride
  • Rp800,000 15 mins flyboard aka ‘Ironman’
  • Rp5,000 Isotonik drink
  • Rp10,000  tickets to Pandawa beach
  • Rp20,000 Snickers ice cream
  • Rp100,000 Ayam lada hitam (black pepper chicken)
  • Rp15,000 watermelon shake
  • Rp110,000  car service (5 pax)

TOTAL of Rp 1800,000 = Php 7,193.14 – I didn’t pay for my fly board. Thanks to Fred & An for sponsoring my fly board. They know that I’m on a tight budget.


We planned to go out for half a day then rest til my flight back to Mnl. Went to souvenir shops, Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Gemstones shop (my friends had a free chakra reading), Ubud Centre Art Market (make sure that you buy all your souvenirs here because it’s cheaper & you can haggle) and back to Ubud. Best thing about today is that we had lunch facing the rice terraces.


  • Rp65,000 Ganesha Incense holder
  • Rp35,000 scented oils souvenir
  • Rp20,000 medium dreamcatcher
  • Rp10,000 small dreamcatcher
  • Rp25,000 Love stone incense holder
  • Rp13,000 Snickers chocolate bar
  • Rp100,000 Bebek Goreng meal with Iced tea
  • Rp110,000  car service (5 pax)
  • Rp320,000 2 Starbucks Bali tumblers

TOTAL of Rp 698,000 = Php 2,789.34

Total expense in Peso is Php17,918.919. Again, minus Php2,800 for the fly board (since I didn’t pay for it). We arrived in town around 6:00 pm. We still had time to check out the outlets stores of Nike, Hurley, Billabong, Quiksilver etc. I went on a stroll alone in Legian just to check the place out one last time. Headed to the airport afterwards.

MY TOTAL EXPENSE = Php15,118.91. Just a little above the budget and fortunately I survived!

I felt so great after my Bali trip. If you’re also after the thrill and want to experience Bali, I recommend that you stay here for a week (yes, 7 days. or better 2 weeks!) to enjoy the night life & the beaches.


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