Siquijor Island – to the Island of fire and sorcery

Siquijor Island was named by the Spaniards as the “Island of fire” because of the eerie glow that surrounds it at night. According to popular belief, certain groups living in the island still practice sorcery. You’ll see voodoo dolls, love potions, dream catchers etc being sold around the market. The beaches on this island and marine life are to die for. White powdery sand beaches cover the island which made me really excited to go here. I planned a day trip just for the long weekend. I spent almost a day travelling from Cebu city to the island.P29Jn1469970366

From Cebu city – Ride a Ceres bus bound for Dumaguete in South bus terminal station (Php210). Prepare for the 6-hour trip. I recommend to take the earliest bus at 5am just to avoid traffic and to still have time to roam around Dumaguete city. The Ceres bus will board a roro to cross Cebu to Negros Oriental. From Dumaguete port, ride a fast craft to Siquijor. Montenegro has 7am while Aleson has 8:30 am. The latest is 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm. You may rent a motorcycle or a tricycle to tour the island.

Going back to Cebu city – We took a different route since we were left by the 3:30pm Ceres bus to Cebu. From Dumaguete port, ride a tricycle to Sibulan port (Php60). Cross Sibulan to Lilo-an via pump boat (25 minutes; Php70)) then ride a bus bound for Cebu city at the highway (Php190).E8XQc1469970159

This is what I did because I only had 3 days allotted for this trip.

11:00 am – Woke up late. Caught the 10:00 am bus to Dumaguete

6:00 pm – Late arrival in Dumaguete due to heavy traffic in Cebu

8:00 pm – Check-in (had difficulties in finding hostel because there was an event)

9:00 pm – Rest

Day 2

7:00 am – Woke up late again; breakfast, line up for tickets

10:30 am – Dumaguete port to Siquijor port

1:00 pm – Lunch

2:00 pm – Check-in

2:30 pm – Rent a tricycle for a half day tour (Lazi Church, Cambugahay falls, Balete tree and Salagdoong beach)

7:00 pm – Freshen up. Dinner. Social

Day 3

7:00 am – beach bum, breakfast, bum

11:00 am – head to port and go back to Dumaguete

3:00 pm – took an alternative route. Head to Sibulan port

4:30 pm – Lilo-an arrival. Take a bus to Cebu city

8:00 pm – Touchdown Cebu city!


  • Php210 – Ceres bus fare from Cebu South terminal to Dumaguete city
  • Php70 – Roro fare
  • Php700 – AC room in Dumaguete dormitel w/ buffet breakfast
  • Php130 – Roro from Dumaguete to Siquijor via Montenegro lines
  • Php50 – Tricycle from Port to Tori’s Paradise
  • Php300 – single bed in fan room in Tori’s paradise/ dorm type
  • Php500/ person – half day tricycle island tour
  • Php60 – Cambugahay falls donation
  • Php20 – Parking fee in Cambugahay falls
  • Php5 – Balete tree donation
  • Php50 – Tricycle from Tori’s Paradise to port
  • Php45 – Pump boat from Sibulan to Lilo-an
  • Php10 – tricycle from Lilo-an port to highway
  • Php20 – tricycle from highway to Ceres bus station/ to Cebu
  • Php190 – Lilo-an to Cebu city bus fare
  • Php1,000 – Food and snacks expenses

Total of Php3,490 and I still had enough money to buy a souvenir for my bud. It is highly recommended to leave early from Cebu city and head straight to Siquijor so you can save money. You don’t have to stay overnight in Dumaguete city (seriously nothing to do there aside from battling Poke Gym trainers and collect Voltorb & Magneton lol). Tori’s Paradise is a piece of haven. You get to enjoy their big pool, private beach, chill resto bar plus the bed is just Php300 for a fan room. Wifi is available at the resto bar. I had fun but I wish that I could’ve spent more time exploring the beaches and enjoying the scenery. I hate that feeling when you’re in a rush.


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