Coron, Palawan, Philippines – To take a dip at its lakes and lagoons

My eldest sister and I has the same goal in life – to keep going and see the world. I love my eldest sister (she’s my favorite) although sometimes we have misunderstandings but we work through it. During this trip we became more aware of our strengths and we got to know each other well by compromising and being just there through times of need.


Day 1

We arrived at Balai Binda around 12nn. We asked a tricycle driver to give us a tour around town. We went to the Coron Baywalk first then we braved the 700 steps of Mt. Tapyas. A lot of locals and tourists are climbing up to see the view from the top or exercise. Once you get to the top of the mountain you’ll see the picturesque view of the small town. Head straight to Maquinit Hotsprings for a relaxing hot bath. Make sure to do this last before you go home. We had dinner at Big Mama’s. The food was so good! Or maybe we were just really hungry?

Day 2

I wasn’t able to take a photo of us at the Maquinit Hotpsrings because I had to risk my phone to take shots. Since we’d like to check out the beaches and do some activities, we chose a tour package that’ll include snorkeling so missed out on seeing Malcapuya Island and Banana Island (i heard that these 2 are also must-see’s).

Tour A includes CYC Beach, Kayangan Lake, Crocodile beach & Siete Picados.

Day 3

Today, we went for the tour that would enable us to snorkel and explore marine life. Tour C takes in 6 of the best lagoons and lakes to visit, whilst you’re staying in Coron –  Twin Lagoon, Barracuda LakeBanol beach (wherein we had our lunch) & Skeleton Wreck. A tip for the Twin Lagoon – do not wear your life vest if you’re a great swimmer. I did this and it was awesome. I saw the beautiful marine life underneath and I also enjoyed the waters of the lagoon. If you’re too afraid or hesitating, do not do it . I just YOLO’d that time and because of that I was not able to bring my GoPro.

We had dinner at Sinugba de Balay. The service might be slow but they serve good food. It just that we were so hungry when we ordered. It took around 25-30 minutes for the food to arrive.

Day 4

Went back to Maquinit Hotsprings for the last time before we headed back home.


  • Php3,150 for 3 nights at Balai Binda (too expensive but worth the money)
  • Php1,200 Day 2 Tour A/ pax (inclusive of lunch)
  • Php1,200 Day 3 Tour C/ pax (inclusive of lunch)
  • Php400 Maquinit Hotsprings entrance (we went there twice; so it’s 200/head)
  • Php300 tricycle fare from town proper to Maquinit Hotsprings and back
  • Php300 lunch meals
  • Php300 dinner meals
  • Php200 we had desserts at some local store
  • Php500 some souvenirs like t-shirts and accessories

TOTAL is Php7,550. Okay maybe not that budgeted but It was worth it. Make sure that you visit Malcapuya Island before 2016 because it was purchased by a 5-star hotel already. I heard from my cousin that Banana Island is better than Malcapuya so you better get you ass there too.


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