El Nido, Palawan, Ph – To float in the closest thing to Paradise

It was perfect timing when we went to El Nido since almost everyone was in Cebu for the Sinulog festival. El Nido is a very small town with narrow streets. A local said that you can walk around the whole town for 5 hours or less. A lot of souvenir shops and resto bars. Some resto bars are strategically located  at the beach for an overlooking sunset during dinner. We rode a public van from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido. This will take 5-6 hours depends on speed. A foreign tourist I met told me that they took the public bus for a cheaper price but took them 8 hours to reach El Nido because of the stops. You don’t want that. It’s best to take the van at night because travel will be faster. This is a continuation of my 4 days 3 nights Palawan trip.


We stayed in Ipil Suites. Nice hotel but wi-fi kinda sucks. During the whole stay Internet wasn’t working (Well yeah, in the whole island I guess  Internet is crappy). It’ll cost you Php2,500/ night for a Standard room with breakfast buffet. Right in front of Ipil Suites is Tarao Travel Lodge which offers a double bed for Php1,500. If you are going to stay in Puerto Prinsesa for a day, A&A Hotel for 1,250Php with breakfast is right in the center of a crossing accessible to MCA Market & Robinson’s Palawan. Wi-fi here is faster than most hotels I’ve stayed.

Tour A includes Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, 7 Commandos beach, Shimizu beach, Secret Lagoon and Ipil Private Beach (if you booked the tour thru Ipil Suites). The price is 1,200Php/ person + 200Php for environmental fee. Trip starts at 9am so make sure to have a heavy breakfast.

I recommend that you rent a Kayak for Php300 in the Big & Small Lagoons. The view is just breath taking. There is a lot of Sea Urchins so make sure to be careful when swimming. Our boat had an engine problem so we were stuck in the Big Lagoon for 1 hour. We took our lunch there instead of taking it in Shimizu Beach. Not a good feeling!

Last stop is at Ipil Private Beach. There’s this lodge there that you can rent for 25,000Php/night. It is a 3 bedroom private lodge and you get to enjoy your own beach. We stayed here for 30 minutes and just laid around. We arrived at the El Nido shoreline around 5:00 pm.

One of the perks of traveling is meeting new people. These girls are from Australia and they are travelers too. They are so vibrant and easy going. Hanna, I hope you kidnap me and take me to Perth! Haha! There’s this place called Taraw Cliff that I was not able to go to because of the tight schedule. I think Hanna was able to go there. It is an hour trek from the town proper and you get to see the whole El Nido from there.

Candlelit dinner at the beach. Shoreline style. You can watch the sunset here.

Unfortunately, we only have 1 day to tour. We took the 7pm van going back to Puerto Prinsesa. I met a couple of Australian girls and they told me that Tour C is also recommended. Seriously, I just have to go back and finish the tours! Haha! The water in El Nido is just so clear and fine that you can see how clean it is  underneath. If you’re touring Palawan make sure to visit this majestic place  while it is not yet that popular or developed. I saw this photo on the El Nido tours page.


  • Php600 van transfer from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido
  • Php1,200 Tour A
  • Php200 Environmental fee
  • Php0 Lunch included in the tour
  • Php100 Dinner
  • Php950 Ipil Suites accommodation (We got the loft type which costs 3800Php)
  • Php600 from El Nido back to Puerto Prinsesa

Total is Php3, 650. Also, stay here for at least 3 days and try another tour. We were on a tight schedule during the trip so we only did Tour A. I met a Canadian along the way and he said that he got a Tour C for 900Php. I guess the price varies depends on the company.

If you have time, check my DIY city tour for Puerto Prinsesa.


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