Disneyland, Hong Kong – To search for Toy Story’s Jessie

My family and I planned this trip in 2003 but an incident happened between HK nationals and Filipinos that time (ehem, bus raid). So we decided this year is the best time to actually go there. We got a piso fare from Cebu Pacific.

Accommodation: Tour package via WOW Travel & Tours for around Php 8,000 – 3 days and 2 nights (with land transfers, accommodation, city tour & Disneyland). We chose Shamrock Hotel along Nathan Rd. because it’s super near malls, restaurants and outlet shops (Adidas, Nike, SuperDry etc.)

Pocket Money: Php 7,000 (Travel tax of Php1,620 already off)

Day 1

We got the second to the earliest flight to HK International airport and arrived there mid day. We met a bunch of people that’s also included in the tour package then we rode a bus going to our respective hotels. Shamrock Hotel has a nice location I would recommend for first time travelers to stay here if not on a tight budget. The breakfast meal is NOT worth it though. It is also next to a train station, lots of 24hour stores and shops so worry not.

Day 2

We went to the Avenue of Stars and saw the famous Jackie Chan monument. We also went to this River Boat ride but please please SKIP this – It is not worth it. Mid-day we went straight to Disneyland HK. Make sure to try all of the rides. There are some peculiar places inside HK Disneyland. My personal favorites are Toy Story Land’s RC Racer, Mystic Point’s Mystic Manor, Grizzly Gulch’s Runaway Mines, Adventureland’s Jungle River Cruise and Tommorowland’s Space Mountain.

I’ve tried almost every ride. The 10 year-old in me was awaken and wanted to try just about everything. The effects were cool and it is really like you’re in another dimension (especially for the Toy Story land and Grizzly Grutch). I saw my first coach from college who taught me gymnastics. He is working here already as an entertainer and too bad I was not able to hug him. We contacted thru Viber.

The grand entrance of my favorite ride, Mystic Manor! It was just so magical.

Don’t forget to watch the fireworks display at 7pm at the center of HK Disneyland. It is the most spectacular thing inside this theme park. I was almost left behind by the bus because I got separated from my parents after dinner (i tried a lot of rides kasi) so make sure you never get separated. Luckily they told me the parking slot # and where to meet. It was just embarrassing for the other passengers. Arrived 10pm at Shamrock Hotel.

Day 3

We just stayed in the vicinity of our hotel because we’d like to rest. Plus, my parents were feeling tired already since we had a lot to do the previous day. We went to different stores and of course – splurged! Bought a pair of shoes from Nike, shirts from Adidas and SuperDry. I uploaded a photo on Facebook and a close friend of mine, Gladsy, and her friend, Ralph, were in HK as well. We met and headed to Lan Kwai Fong to experience night life. Locals said it is a crazy place during weekends. We went there on a weekday we still got to meet new people and partied with them ’til 4am.

  • $20 HKD for a bottle of Jack-Coke
  • $15 HKD  for a bottle of Corona
  • $30 HKD share for a cab for 3 pax going to Lan Kwai Fong

Day 4

We went to HK International Airport around after lunch and headed back to Manila. This trip is a success! All I ever wanted to see in HK Disneyland is Jessie. I tried almost all of the rides and got to experience the magical fireworks display in HK Disneyland. There are lots of places to go to when you visit HK. Make sure to make time for these places:

  • Macau – We weren’t able to go to Macau since we don’t want to stress our parents too much.
  • Ocean Park – Same reason.
  • Ngong Ping Sitting Buddha
  • Shopping places like Temple Street, Ladies Market in Mongkok and street stalls around the metro. We didn’t have trouble shopping as Tsim Tsa Shui offers a lot of malls already.

No trip budget breakdown this time as I was with my parents and it was almost an all-expense paid trip. I bought my own clothes btw. Haha. I ain’t spoiled.


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