Seoul, South Korea – To experience the KPop culture

Annyeonghaseyo! In college, I was addicted to KPop. Yes, I'm not ashamed to say that. Haha! In 2015, One of my closest friends invited me to join her 2016 birthday celebration in Seoul. Who was I to decline to that kind of invitation, right? We had 10 months to prepare. We applied for our Korean [...]


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam -To the winsome city of Saigon

Saigon is a busy city compared to Siem Reap. First thing that I noticed is that there is a lot of motorcycles. These motorcycles are everywhere! Be careful when crossing the streets; even when you're walking peacefully on the sidewalk they will start invading your space especially during rush hour! Haha! Also, i have to [...]

Bali, Indonesia – To lose and find oneself in the Island of Love

According to a good friend of mine, Janelle, that Bali is a safe place for lone travelers. Hopefully this blog post will help you out plan your trip to Bali! Accommodation: A lot of affordable hotels here ranging from Php1,000 above. I chose to stay overnight in Champlung Mas Hotel because it is in along Legian, [...]