Mt. Cayabu & Mt. Maynoba Dayhike


I make it a habit to climb a mountain at least once a year. This is my 3rd mountain to climb. Even though we weren’t able to see the sea of clouds, I had serious fun climbing with the crew. We even visited Caio’s grave on the peak of Mt. Maynoba. They said that I can climb Mt. Pulag (Ambangeg trail) nnow and for sure to see a sea of clouds.

I’m also happy that I am back in the game. 5 months of not travelling feels like my life paused. I am also glad that I have a new travel buddy with me (GoPro4) because my old one got soaked wet in Bataan. Let me know if there are awesome places that I need to see here in Philippines before I turn 30. I am open for suggestions 🙂 Below are some of my photos from this hike and our itinerary prepared my Sir Carlos Casil.


02:00 – Meet up at Mcdo Q. Ave near MRT Q Ave.
02:30 – ETD to Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal
03:30 – ETA Maynoba trailhead, Brgy. Cayabu. Register / secure guides
04:00 – Start trekking
06:00 – ETA “Mt. Cayabu”
07:00 – ETA “Mt. Maynoba” viewpoint.
07:30 – Continue with loop hike
08:30 – Pass through the eight waterfalls. Take a dip (optional)
9:30 – Continue trek back to trailhead
11:00 – Back at Brgy. Cayabu trailhead. Lunch / Tidy up.
13:00 – Head back to Manila
16:00 – ETA Manila


Mt.Maynoba budget

We had to rent a tricycle going out the Brgy. because of the steep road. Our van had a hard time going to the jump off when we got there so we opt to ride a tricycle.

Note: Take care of your belongings. Always think about your safety. There are rumors that there are men who rob tourists in the area. Be very careful.


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