The Ultimate Cebu Itinerary (3d2n)


Planning to go on a weekend trip to Cebu?

Do you have limited days to tour?

Are you afraid that you won’t enjoy Cebu that much because of the limited time?

Fear no more because the details below might be the solution for that!

This is my ultimate 3 days 2 nights sample itinerary for those who’d like to enjoy Cebu for a limited time. A lot of my friends are asking what to do and how can they enjoy Cebu for just 3 days. I tell them that it will take a lot of effort. Some might disagree with me and some might question me but please take note that this is possible. I’m going to share to you how you can watch & swim with the whalesharks in Oslob, go canyoneering in Alegria and participate in the Sardine Run in Moalboal for 1 day. Also, we’ll not just cover the south but we’ll also explore the northern tip of Cebu.

Here’s a guide to how to enjoy Cebu for the weekend.


From Manila

Book a flight going to Mactan-Cebu. Take the last flight out on a Thursday (To Cebu) and Sunday (to Manila)

Pre-book a cheap hotel room. Rest. OR you can go to Sugbo Mercado in IT Park and eat, eat, eat.


Day 1

1:30 am – Wake up; Prepare; Heavy breakfast please

2:30 am – Head to South Bus Terminal station

3:00 am – Take the earliest bus to Oslob

6:00 am – ETA Oslob whale shark watching area. Expect a lot of people here

Register & attend a short session about the do’s & don’ts

7:00 am – You should be swimming with the whale sharks now. Enjoy!

Max’s attempt to swim close to the Butanding

7:30 am – After whale shark watching. Rent a habal-habal to go to Tumalog Falls

8:00 am – Go back to main road & ride a tricycle going to the bus port. Then head to Alegria

Majestic Tumalog falls over there!

10:00 am – You should be in Alegria now. Enjoy Canyoneering!

12:00 pm – Done Canyoneering. Clean up

You jump, I jump? NO. Haha!

12:30 – Lunch. Head to main road and ride a bus going to Moalboal

2:00 pm – ETA in Moalboal. It’s very relaxing in Basdaku beach but next location is in White beach for the Sardine run. Call it a day and rest.

Just finished pitching the tent at Basdaku beach

Day 2

6:00 am –  Wake up. Breakfast

7:00 am – Ride tricycle from Basdaku to White beach

8:00 am – Register. TIP: You can just swim from the shore to the Sardine Run. No need to rent an expensive boat.

Millions of sardines swimming near the shore

9:30 am – You should be done swimming with the school of fish by this time. Go to the main road and head back to Cebu city

12:00 pm – ETA Cebu city. Take your lunch and go to North Bus Terminal station. Ride a bus bound for Bantayan.

So happy to see this sign after 3 hours of travelling

3:00 pm – ETA in Bantayan Port. Take a ferry to Bantayan Island

4:30 pm – ETA Bantayan Island. Check-in and enjoy the food and the beach. Rest.

The famous ruins on the cliff in Bantayan Island

Day 3

You have the luxury of time to enjoy the beach since we’ll dedicate our 3rd day in Cebu city.

After lunch, you may head back to Cebu city and check the Magellan’s Cross OR head to the Lapu-lapu shrine (not recommended since it’ll take you an hour from Cebu city to get there)

Magellan’s Cross with this mausi



You can bring at least Php8,000 to cover the entire trip. I swear you’ll be dead tired after this trip. Would I do it again? I will depends on how many people I’ll be with para mas tipid. Lol if you have queries or suggestions to make this sample itinerary cheaper and easier , don’t hesitate to message me 🙂

Make sure to pre-book the Canyoneering activity and your hostel or lodging.

Travel cheap, mga besh!


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