Top 8 food joints to try in Cebu city – (budget friendly ver.)

I’ve been living here in Cebu for half a year already and I must say that I have gained a lot of weight due to excessive eating. The food here is cheaper compared to Manila’s. Also, the food here tastes really good and you can go all out because they serve a variety of foods here. The following food joints could also have sites in Manila which is a good thing. Let’s start counting these top 10 food joints:

PS: This is not a paid bog post or advertisement. Sariling sikap lang. Lel

8) Larsian

First on our list is Larsian. This is my go-to place whenever I don’t wanna spend much but still want to eat heavy. This place is a medium sized hall filled with sugbaan (ihawan, grille). A barbeque stick here would cost you Php10 and puso (rice) for Php6. I recommend the white marlin for only Php120 and Cebu longganisa sticks for only Php6. I’ll leave it up for you to decide which booth sells the most delicious sugbos.

⇲ Location: Don Mariano Cui St, Cebu City, Cebu

₱ Budget: Php50 to Php100 busog ka na!


7)  Cafe Namoo

Korean restaurant. The small place is so cute. The tables and chairs are set up like bunks and you can design your own wall using post its and colorful pens. You have to try the desserts here.

⇲ Location: Click nalang yun link, bes. Malapit sa Ayala to.

₱ Budget: Php150 to Php250.


6) Mae Krua Thai Cuisine

If you want some Thai food to tickle your taste buds then here’s a small sized resto to sweep you off your feet. I’d recommend the Thai Spring rolls for only Php125 and my all  time favorite Pad Thai noodles for Php195.

⇲ Location: 80 F. Ramos Street, Ramos, Cebu City.

₱ Budget: Php200 for the Pad Thai. Tas water nalang bes.



I got all excited when my colleague and I went here. We tried the dinner buffet and I tell you it is worth it. Some of the dishes were lacking flavor tho but if you’re really hungry and you need to fill that stomach with food, then this is the place. They would have acoustic live bands playing here every night and the lady singer just took our breath away. So 3 stars for this restaurant!

⇲ Location: Waterfront Hotel, Cebu city. In front of IT Park.

₱ Budget: Php180+




3) PAKU by Chef Binux

Hungry? Paku is the place to be! They offer unlimited chicken wings for only Php199. Bes, 199 for unli chicken wings! There’s also a lot of flavors to choose from.

⇲ Location: The Gallery, Cebu city

₱ Budget: Php199


2) Sugbo Mercado

If you’d like to try a wide array of dishes then go to IT park on Thursdays til Sundays to attend the Sugbo Mercado. This is a food park with some of the best foods to eat. They have Indonesian, Thai, Greecian and Cebuano foods here that you can devour. I recommend the fruit juices here for only Php150.

⇲ Location: IT Park, Cebu City/ Ayala, Cebu city

₱ Budget: Php250+


1) Casa Verde

Highly recommended is Brian’s Ribs. The serving is just huge! I was not expecting that because I usually would not get my hopes up especially in a fancy restaurant like this one. I was so hungry that time and the ribs just made my tummy felt better.

⇲ Location: #69 Lim Tian Teng Street, Ramos, Cebu City

₱ Budget: Php300+


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