Oslob, Cebu – To swim with the amazing Butandings

P29Jn1469970366One of the places to check out here in Cebu is Oslob. You can swim with the Whalesharks here aka Butandings. From South Bus Terminal (Cebu city) – Ride a bus to Oslob (Php150, 3 hrs). Just tell the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Tanawan for whaleshark viewing. Don’t forget to bring light snacks for the trip. Once you’re there you need to register. There were several groups but not crowded. We only waited for 30 minutes. We had time to eat breakfast for 90Php. The second time I was there we waited for almost 2 hours so better be there as early at 6am. You have to attend a very short seminar to know more about the do’s and don’ts.

Rate is:

  • Php500 each for local tourists
  • Php1500 each for foreign tourists

No applying of sunblock lotion because this can poison the whales. After experiencing this (and after getting your best shot! lol) head to Tumalog falls. There are habal-habals just outside the Whaleshark viewing point that could take you to the falls. it’ll take you only 15 minutes.

Tumalog falls is a must-see too because of its majestic view. The water is super cold. The photo above almost looked like it’s photoshop’d or something. The photo below shows how short I am. Haha! We took photos, swam and rested here. We went back to the whaleshark viewing area after and took a shower.

After an hour spent in this falls, we went to Sumilon Island. Spend at least 1 hour resting on this beautiful pristine island. It has the cleanest water around the area. Boat rental is Php500. We had lunch at a carinderia (Php50) just beside the Whaleshark Viewing area. Then we headed back to Cebu city. We got back at around 6pm so we just rested the whole night away.


  • Php150 AC bus to Oslob
  • Php500 fee to swim with the whaleshark
  • Php150 RT habal habal to Tumalog Falls
  • Php10 environmental fee
  • Php500 boat fare to Sumilon Island (the more people you’re with-the cheaper)
  • Php200 meal expenses

Php1,300 should be enough for you to enjoy Oslob, Cebu!


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