Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines – To the infamous Haunted Hotel

I just know that 2016 will be awesome.

I spent the 1st of 2016 in Baguio. I bought a ticket ahead of the travel date because we all know how the roads are during holidays. Baguio has been a second home to me since my family always spends time there to clean and renovate my Aunt’s house. I asked my sister if she can take me to Diplomat Hotel. I’ve heard about Diplomat Hotel since I was a kid and I’m kind of intrigued with the happenings in this place. Finally, after 16 years of waiting, we went to the infamous hotel.

Entrance is actually free at this place. You get to see a big Bible engraved with the 10 The Commandments on it. Make sure to also check out the backyard of the hotel. There are some sites to see there too. The next day we went to the Ukay-Ukay places (on Session Rd and Burnham Park) to shop. Shirts for men ranges from Php250-350 but you can still haggle. I didn’t bring any jacket so I bought a U2 windbreaker for only Php400. There wasn’t any night market since it rained for 2 nights. The weather here is just bae-perfect!



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