Boracay, Aklan, Philippines – To enjoy and win friendship

This Boracay trip had been all about socializing, taking photos, getting to know my best friend and reflecting. If you want to get away from Manila and rest, this is definitely not the place for you. Boracay, for me, is all about partying at the beach and meeting new people.

That night I met a good friend of mine, KC, who happened to be in the island too. We met at Epic Bar and just partied all night long. A bottle of beer would cost around Php60 but luckily someone gave us free drinks. This is a Saturday so it’s the best time to socialize plus foreigners are invading the area. Koreans for this time of the year (September), Western for the start of the year, Filipinos every March to May. What’s best to do on your first day is to lay around the beach and relax.

Well, what’s the best thing to do after this sailing? PARTY! I slept for a while before I went out to party. Woke up around 1am to meet my good friend, KC. Entrance this time at Epic bar is Php300 with 1 free drink (you can choose from a Jack-coke to a Gin-sprite. Then, I got free drinks afterwards just for meeting new people. Yey! Went home around 5am.

Day 2

Woke up early today because we were supposed to Parasail but we were too lazy and tired to get up so we went back to take a nap. We had buffet breakfast (but didn’t really enjoy it because we don’t like to look bloated on photos) and had a chit chat about life & everything in between. Afterwards, we took a shower (not together) and prepared to roam around the beaches. Below are my best shots:

We roamed around the beaches of Station 2 to 1. We were not able to peek at Station 3 because the water on Station 1 was perfect already. After spending some time on the beach, my friends and I gathered on Beach Bum Bar to have a drink and catch up.

After ‘beaching’ all day, you have to party all night! We went to Epic bar again but this time there aren’t much of wild people. We transferred to Summer’s Place where the crowd was wilder.


Again, I didn’t pay for Hotel and Airfare anymore as my best friend won an all-expense paid package. There are vacation packages that would offer Php4,000 to Php8,000 with airfare and depends on inclusions.

We didn’t have trouble with breakfast as well as La Carmela offers free breakfast buffet. You will not have a hard time finding an activity as locals are scattered all around the beach to offer you an activity package.

  • Php60 lunch meal (upon arrival)
  • Php350 dinner Ribs meal at Red Coconut
  • Php170 for a glass of Sex on the Beach
  • Php60 for a bottle of San Miguel
  • Php600 Epic bar entrance fee for 2 nights (with free drinks)
  • Php250 Summer’s Place bar entrance fee (with free bottle of beer)
  • Php200 lunch meal day 2
  • Php350 dinner day 2
  • Php150 Jonah’s fruitshake
  • Php150 for slippers (i needed one)
  • Php150 coffee latte at Cafe del Sol Dmall
  • Php100 dinner day 3 en route to Manila

Total is Php2, 590. Yuck, so many alcohols. You can find cheaper food stalls around the vicinity. It’s just that we decided to eat full-blown meals during our stay. Anyway. this is without activities. I didn’t try cliff diving at Ariel’s Point and Parasailing. I heard that these activities are worth a try! So make sure you’ll wake up early to achieve these awesome activities!


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