San Juan, La Union, Philippines – To the Surfing capital of Northern Luzon

My best friends and I were planning a short trip to somewhere over the weekends for no reason at all. I had a team mate from SBCA (I was cheer captain in college) that went back and forth from La Union for months which I know because of Facebook. I sent her a message and met to ask for a weekend itinerary. Trix referred her friend, Marven – who was a local, to assist us on our trip. After 1 month of preparation we headed to Partas Cubao and left Manila at 4am. Travel time from Manila to La Union is about 2 hours.

Day 1

We were told to drop off at Se-Bay, San Juan to meet our friend, Marven. The bus will pass Se-Bay so don’t you worry. He was not replying that time so we were endorsed to a hostel manager in Sea Nymph. This hostel was not so bad. They have fan rooms and air-con  room that can accommodate up to 6 persons. We were able to get an ac room for 4. The ac was defective and we were not able to get Php900 stay experience. BTW I did not experience the ac because I was so tired that time I just fell flat on the bed til morning.

We met Marven and his cousin who’ll accompany us during our trip. They’re locals so they know the place perfectly. We had our breakfast at Jetsam for Php90/person. After this we just rested for a bit and began our journey to Tangadan falls. The trek was long (or we were just tired?) 30 minutes and we were panting. We had an excuse to cut the trek as it had dark skies that time and it feels like it was about to rain.

Angel and I trying our best to paddle!

Went back to our Sea Nymph in San Juan around 5pm just to take a shower. We met Marven at the beach and they prepared a picnic style dinner with bon fire and drinks.

Taken during our bonfire at the beach with light booze & dinner

Day 2

Beach time! We woke up 9am and ate breakfast at the same store where we ate yesterday. It was just 2 mins away from Sea Nymph so yeah. Met Marven again at the beach around 12 noon and started enjoying the beach activities. We did paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming and surfing. This lasted ’til 3pm. Before heading to Manila, Marven gave us a free shirt and discount coupons for Roxy and Billabong. Thanks, Man!

Hollah Surfstars! Glad to meet these awesome people!
  • Php450 fare/person bus to San Juan via Partas
  • Php90 breakfast meal
  • Php100 lunch meal
  • Php200 2 hours surfing with guide and board
  • Php250 each for jeep rental going to falls
  • Php45 bottled water
  • Php70 light snacks (energy bars, chocolates etc)
  • Php400 shared for dinner and drinks
  • Php1,800 stay in Sea Nymph (2 nights)
  • Php100 breakfast meal day 2
  • Php100 light snacks for the trip
  • Php60 fare for tricycle to bus terminal
  • Php500 fare/person ac van to Manila

Total is Php4,165. With this amount you can easily enjoy a quick getaway to La Union. I can do this every free weekend. I could go cheaper as well depends on situation.


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