Camiguin, Philippines – To sink deep with the Sunken Cemetery

After our CDO experience we headed to Camiguin (yes, this is a continuation). We arrived at Benoni Port around 6:30am, travel time is 1 hr 30 minutes. We immediately asked around for tour packages since we will be here for just 1 day. We got a multicab that offered us Php700/person for a tour. We were able to see the following:

  • Ardent Hot springs (which is a must because it was raining when we got there)
  • Katibawasan Falls
  • Old church ruins
  • White Island

You must swim around the White Island.

You must try eating sea urchins in White Island. Fishermen will definitely push you into eating it. Tastes great!

Everyone would like to see the sunken cemetery here and it sucks because I was not able to see it. This is one of my adventures where I feel that I needed to go back. I was just disappointed because it’s one my bucket list. There was a heavy rain that time we went here so we were only able to see 4 spots. I will definitely go back here just to view the sunken cemetery.


  • Php700 Camiguin island tour
  • Php130 souvenirs
  • Php600 for an overnight stay at an Inn
  • Php84 shared for boat ride to White Island
  • Php120 sea urchin 3 pieces
  • Php70 dinner meal
  • Php150 breakfast meal (because we bought it fresh from the wet market)
  • Php120 bottle of alcohol
  • Php100 shared for multicab to Benoni Port

Total expense here is Php2,074. Take note that Php700 tour is inclusive of entrance fees but not the boat to White Island. Then we headed back to CdO 4:30am. The road had no street lights so it was pitch black. Light was only from the multicab we rode going to Benoni Port. Off to Bukidnon!


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